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Cotham School

Our Response to #BLM

In the wake of the #BLM protests and marches that occurred in the wake of the murder of George Floyd, the senior leadership team published an open letter to all students and staff addressing the need for monumental institutional change. The full letter can be found here, however the letter firmly addressed the importance of not shying away from hard truths, but Instead, needed to arm ourselves with knowledge that will give us the power to create real and sustainable change in a world that is crying out for people to not remain silent in the face of injustice and brutality.  We wanted to explicitly recognise that it is not the sole responsibility of our BAME students and staff to speak out about the need for societal, structural and institutional change to eradicate racism but that this responsibility belongs to us all.  We acknowledged that systems are not ‘broken’; but were intentionally built to suppress therefore needs to be intentionally overhauled and challenged.  The letter challenged the danger of white silence and white privilege and offered further support and resources so that all students had a list of additional support to continue navigating this immensely important moment in history.  We also responded to a letter sent from 600 Cotham School Alumni and shared more anti-racist resources with parents and our community. The link to all of these can be found here.