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Cotham School

School Uniform

Cotham School students are expected to wear full school uniform at all times. This includes our school lanyard/ student ID being worn around the neck and clearly visible at all times. 

It is also important to wear the correct PE / Games and Dance kit when taking part in those lessons.

School rules will be enforced according to the Uniform Policy (see website for details). 

School Uniform Suppliers

Our school uniform suppliers are:

Please visit their shops or websites to view the approved skirts and trousers

Please note: second hand uniform is always available from Main Reception £1.00 per item

The Cotham School uniform

Lanyards/ student ID Cards

Student Lanyards/  student ID Cards worn correctly are an important part of our safeguarding procedures at Cotham. 

  • Students will be provided lanyards by the school and these should be worn around the neck on the outermost layer of clothing at all times.  
  • If lanyards are lost students will have to pay for a replacement. 
  • Students entitled to Free School Meals will receive 1 free replacement per academic year as required.


  • Navy blue V neck jumper with embroidered Cotham logo only.  
  • Hoodies or tracksuit-style tops must not be worn in school at all.  
  • Students must not wear hoodies or tracksuit-style tops as either a substitute for a jumper or an outdoor coat. 

Polo shirt

  • White polo shirts with house colour trim on collar and embroidered Cotham logo. The Cotham logo appears on the left-hand side. 
  • All base layers must be discreet and should not be visible.  

Footwear: Black, leather type shoes only

We do not allow boots, shoes with a raised heel, ‘dolly’/ballet type shoes.

  • Uniform shoes must fasten securely with laces or a strap and the foot must be fully enclosed. 
  • Uniform shoes must be worn throughout the day – changing into trainers during break or lunchtime is not permitted unless it is to use the All Weather Pitch or Multi Use Games Area or field.

Trainer-style shoes are acceptable. but they must: 

  • be made exclusively of black leather or black leather type material.  They should not be made of canvas, sports mesh, or a mixture of leather and canvas, leather and sports mesh.  
  • have no white or coloured sports logos on them.  A black logo is acceptable, a white or coloured logo is not acceptable.  
  • have a plain flat sole.  They should not have a bubble sole typically found in running shoes
  • Be low rise trainer-style shoes (not high-top trainer-style shoes).  

Socks and Tights

  • Tights must be black or navy blue and in good condition with no visible tears, ladders or holes. 
  • Socks must be ankle socks or below the knee in black, navy or white and must be plain (no patterns).


Regulation black, knee-length, fully pleated or with a pleat feature school uniform skirts (no stretchy material, logos or brands).


  • Regulation black, knee-length school shorts with Cotham School logo only


  • Tailored, loose, full length, black trousers, with no external raised seams, pockets or rivets, no logos or brands, not jean or tracksuit-style. 
  • No leggings or tight fashion trousers. 
  • Trousers may not be rolled up at the bottom or worn low below the hips.


Unacceptable jewellery will be confiscated

  • One small ring only
  • one small pair of stud earrings (worn one in each ear lobe) only (no hoops or sleeper hoops). 
  • No bangles, necklaces, nose studs or facial piercings.
  •  All jewellery to be removed for PE and Dance (this is compulsory)


  • Headscarves worn for religious or cultural reasons should be plain navy blue, black or white and must not cover the face. 
  • No baseball caps under any circumstances. Plain woollen hats only to be worn during the winter period outside (not in school buildings).  
  • Plain black beanie caps (either woollen or satin material) with no flaps or ties at the back, may be worn outside only to protect hair from the elements.
  • Snoods must not be worn during the school day

Face masks

  • Students must not use other items as a face mask e.g. balaclavas or snoods. 


Make-up, if worn, must be subtle and natural in shade. 

  • Coloured nail varnish or false nails are not permitted. 
  • False eyelashes are not permitted.


  • Hair that falls in front of a student’s face must be tied back for practical subjects such as PE, DT and Dance as well as practical extra curricular activities. 


  • Coats without intrusive logos or brands. 
  • Coat hoods may only be worn outside when it is raining heavily. 
  • Coat hoods must never be worn inside school buildings.
  • Coats must only be worn on top of a school jumper and not in place of a school jumper.  
  • Hoodies or tracksuit-style tops are not a replacement for an outdoor coat and are not  allowed in school. 


  • Students need a substantial and waterproof school bag big enough to contain PE/Dance kit, exercise books, text books, a pencil case, planner, reading book and other equipment.  
  • Small string bags, handbags and fashion bags are not permitted.


Every day students must bring:

  • a reading book
  • their planner and the following in a pencil case;
  • Pens, pencil, eraser, small ruler,calculator, sharpener and some coloured pencils.
  • Clear pencil cases are required for all examinations

In Addition

  • Mobile phones must be switched off and kept in bags between 8:30am and the end of the school day which will include time spent in detention. 
  • Any student not meeting this expectation will have their phone confiscated by a member of staff. 
  • Confiscated phones will be kept securely at student reception and can only be collected at the end of the following day. 
  • Headphones/ Airpods are not permitted and will be confiscated if seen between 8:30am and the end of the school day which will include time spent in detention.

For students with additional needs who may need an adaptation to our Uniform Policy, please speak to your child’s Learning Coordinator