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Cotham School

Teaching, Learning and Assessment strategy

Started July 2019

Launched in July 2019, Cotham’s Teaching, Learning and Assessment strategy (TLA) includes a focus on mitigating unconscious bias in the classroom and this continues to inform the continual professional development of all teaching staff.  Further training has been invested in ensuring that all staff are addressing unconscious bias in their classrooms including: Recognising that everyone has unconscious biases and these need to be identified; avoiding snap decisions and considering assessment criteria carefully; incorporating examples which question stereotypes and value diversity; encouraging participation of under-represented groups in class;  adopting an affirming approach; creating an atmosphere of openness in discussing biases and best practices to minimise them; acknowledging and discussing institutional mistreatment openly; observing classroom practice through an ethnicity lens; inviting BAME speakers and visitors in as role models and to celebrate black achievement and ensuring displays and artefacts are representative of all the cultures in Bristol.