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Cotham School

Tutor Time and Assemblies

Tutor Time and Assemblies (Year 7-11)

Tutor time and assemblies take place for all students on a daily basis. Each year group follows a set programme that may include the following, depending on the Key Stage:

  • Year Group Assembly 
  • House Assembly
  • A reading programme
  • Additional teaching of a PSHE-related tutor period programme: a programme of study for each year group including a focus on positive mental health and wellbeing meets the statutory requirements. 
  • Messages and key updates
  • Guest speakers
  • Academic Review and Monitoring Days
  • Drop-down days to intensively deliver elements of the SMSC curriculum

Tutor Time and Assemblies (Post 16)

The Year 12 programme is compulsory for all Year 12 students (unless they have a period 1 lesson at RGS) and is designed to support Post 16 transition, Post 18 transition (‘Futures’) preparedness and as an additional space for personal development. 

The intent of the Year 13 programme is 1:1 is a bespoke and personalised support structure which ALL Year 13 students can invest in as they prepare to leave compulsory education, affording increasing levels of independence and self-direction. Students direct the focus and priorities of their 1:1 sessions, accessing support with academic progress and Futures planning. 

Year 12 tutoring comprises of five directed elements:

  • Monday - The Big Question (structured debate of topical issues)
  • Tuesday  - Attendance support and accountability
  • Wednesday - Assembly / Futures (alternate weeks)
  • Thursday - 1:1 Meetings with tutors (T1 - P16 readiness; T2 - progress and personal targets; T3 - attendance; T4 - mock exam preparation; T5 - Post mock actions; T6 - Y13 readiness).
  • Friday - inter-tutor quiz league!

Year 13 students attend on allocated dates for their 1:1 with their tutor (5 times through Y13).