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Cotham School

Wisepay and Catering

Wisepay is an Online Payment System for school:

  • Trips and Visits

  • Food and Drink

  • Music Payments

  • General Payments

  • Ticket and Event Bookings and

  • Fund Raising


Cotham School are pleased to advise that they are from 1st September working with the catering company Caterlink to provide the schools daily food requirements. Cotham and Caterlink are working together to provide a healthy and appetising range of food. The same high standards of food that have always been provided will be maintained, the existing catering team are working under the direction of Silvia Cerri, the Catering Manager and are receiving the support of a major food provider. Caterlink is a national company who are experts in the field of providing meals in education, in secondary schools, primary schools and colleges and will bring a range of new ideas and experience to the catering experience. Their introduction to the school community of Caterlink by us has been a little different to what we imagined it would be when we tendered for a catering partner back in January. We have had to launch a reduced food range at this time as we have implemented our reopening procedures and we continue to keep our students in their year group 'bubbles' on the school site but as you can see from the menu there is still plenty to choose from including hot and cold options.