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Cotham School

Year 11 Period 6 Sessions

We provide an additional teaching session for Year 11 students during terms 1 to 4. These sessions run on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week and run directly after period 5. All teachers are allocated one hour of directed time to run a Period 6 session once a fortnight. 

The Focus of Period 6

The focus of Period 6 sessions should be on retrieval and exam preparation activities. Please try and link into the information contained on the Preparing for Assessments portal that was created last year. We will be looking to push this with students this year. 

Period 6 Groupings

Each subject is allocated into the one of the below groupings:

  • Maths
  • English
  • Science
  • Option X Subjects
  • Option Y subjects
  • Option Z subjects

Each grouping is allocated one session per fortnight for Period 6.  All Year 11 students are allocated to Period 6 each session, however new for this year faculties are able to select which students from their groups they wish to attend their Period 6 session for each term.

Faculties can either choose to select all their students to attend their sessions that term or choose a subset of students from their groups to attend. The students not selected will not attend Period 6 on that day. Students are selected for their Period 6 sessions at the start of each term. Selected students cannot be changed during the term.