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Cotham School

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Inclusion and Learning Support 

Cotham School is an inclusive community that makes provision for a wide variety of needs.

The school recognises that some students will have a significantly greater difficulty in learning than the majority of their peers.  This includes students who have learning difficulties, a physical disability,  or social, emotional or behavioural concerns and for whom factors within the students themselves, or their environment, may prevent them from achieving their full potential.

Support in divided into two broad areas:  Learning Support and Student and Family Support .


Learning Support

Learning support is offered to children who are experiencing significant difficulty in accessing the curriculum because of a weakness in literacy or numeracy.

Learning Support is based in the Learning Centre . This a  purpose built facility in the heart of the Cotham Site. 

The Centre is staffed by a Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator, two part time teachers and a team of six Learning Support Assistants.

If you would like to find out about the sort of support that we offer, to look around the Centre, or to talk to our SENCo (Geoff Warnock), please make contact via our direct line 0117 919 8073 or by email.

We also believe that learning support is most effective when delivered in partnership with parents. To this end, a Parent Group has been set up to enable parents of children who need support for learning to meet each other, discuss mutual concerns and occasionally invite visiting speakers.


Access Arrangements

Some students may be entitled to special access arrangements for public examinations, including the assessment tests (SATs) given at the end of Key Stage 3.

The most common form of special access arrangement is extra time.  At KS3 the requirements for a child to be granted extra time are quite explicit and are quoted in the attached link.  The school normally tests all those children who are currently placed at School Action on the SEN list together with any others that have been recommended by staff.  The school is required to apply for permission to allow the qualifying students to have extra time. The closing date for the application for KS3 tests is 1st March.

Different arrangements apply for GCSE and "A" Levels. Students have to be tested by a qualified assessor, and they have to meet agreed criteria but, assuming they meet the criteria, whether or not extra time is allowed is at the discretion of the school.  Extra time may be between 10 and 25% of the normal exam time, depending on the level of need.



Student and Family Support

If you have any queries please contact Debbie Price (Student and Family Support Coordinator) on 0117 9198007 or by email.